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Exploring Surgical Interventions

Adam J. Carter, MD; Arlene Rogachefsky, MD; and Kristyna Lee, MD, MPH
A 65-year-old woman presented to our clinic for treatment of AKs, and after discussion of treatment options, we planned for a series of full-face TCA peels. Although the current standard treatment of AKs is 5-FU, we opted to treat her with TCA peels because it is an in-office treatment with low morbidity, thereby ensuring compliance and reducing side effects.
Adam J. Carter, MD; Arlene Rogachefsky, MD; and Kristyna Lee, MD, MPH
These solitary, rapidly growing tumors present a unique diagnostic and therapeutic challenge.
Alexander Dane, DO; Kristyna Lee, MD; and Arlene Rogachefsky, MD
This article describes a surgical vignette on how to use wound closure strips to reconstruct wound defects with atrophic skin.
Enhancement of an individual’s cosmetic appearance is ever growing in popularity within our society, which has largely driven the demand for various dermal fillers and neurotoxins. Many patients, however, express concern regarding the cost of such cosmetic modalities. Research has given insight to the fact that specifically hyaluronic acids (HAs) may provide lasting cosmetic benefits far beyond originally thought via a phenomenon known as neocollagenesis. 
Actinic cheilitis is a precancerous condition of the lip caused by long-term sun exposure. It is characterized by whitish or grayish discoloration and hyperkeratotic changes, which often blunt the demarcation point between the mucosa and skin of the lower lip. It is not known exactly how often this condition may eventuate into squamous cell carcinoma, but the concern is certainly present. It is known, however, that squamous cell carcinoma of the lip has a higher risk of recurrence as well as metastasis compared to other cutaneous sites.1
Nd:YAG lasers are commonly used for various vascular lesions, such as leg veins. In this month’s column, our guest editor, Dr. Mark Taylor, discusses his technique for using Nd:YAG lasers for periorbital veins, a common cosmetic concern. — Drs. Cohen and Berlin 
How to jumpstart an acne treatment regimen for quick initial results leading to enhanced compliance with long-term therapies.
When performing soft tissue augmentation, the use of cannulas may improve patient outcomes and make the process less painful in certain areas.
In the return of this series, the authors discuss the V-Y flap, a modified advancement flap that is used for the repair of small and medium cutaneous defects.
Patient: A 34-year-old Caucasian female with a complaint of vertical muscle columns around the mouth. Treatment Issue: Using botulinum toxin A (onabotulinum toxin A) to soften radiating muscle columns, and to attempt to delay or to minimize the etching of imprinted lines around the mouth.
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