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Allergen Focus

Lindsey Voller, BA, AND Sara Hylwa, MD
Adverse drug reactions are not uncommon, especially as the growing patient population is often managed with multiple medications. This article reviews cutaneous adverse drug reactions—the most common type of adverse drug reaction.
This article reviews the common use of benzoates in consumable and personal hygiene products.
Michael Lipp, DO; Misha Bertolino, MA; Alina Goldenberg, MD, MAS; and Sharon E. Jabob, MD
Isothiazolinones are synthetic biocides/preservatives found in many skin and hair products and industrial products.
Alina Goldenberg, MD, MAS, and Sharon E. Jacob, MD
Clinical manifestations of topical and systematic corticosteroid-induced contact dermatitis.
Ashley A. Hamstra, MD, and Sharon E. Jacob, MD
Rosin, also known as colophony, is the term collectively used for the solidified, distilled form of resins.
Silvina B. Pugliese, MD, and Sharon E. Jacob, MD
The history of neomycin, its properties and prevalence. 
Sharon E. Jacob, MD, Alina Goldenberg, BA
This article discusses the history of rubber, its properties and emergence of black rubber mix.    
Section Editor: Sharon E. Jacob, MD
The need for US legislation regulating the amount of nickel released from products is crucial.    
This article highlights the Allergen of the Year “awardees” since 2000.  
Recently with the surging advance of portable electronics and mobile devices, cobalt is becoming more frequently used.
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