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Derm Dx

Allyson B. Brahs, BS, and Lynda A. Smith, MSPA; Section Editor: Amor Khachemoune
A 28-year-old man presented for evaluation of a new-onset rash on his back.
Ayesha U. Khan, MBA; and Amor Khachemoune, MD, FAAD, FACMS—Section Editor
A 27-year-old woman presented for a skin cancer screening. On exam, there was a 1-cm scaling plaque on the left mandible.
Marjon Vatanchi, MD; Usha Alapati, MD; and Amor Khachemoune, MD, FAAD, FACMS-Section Editor
A 37-year-old African-American man developed a pruritic skin eruption, which was present for 18 months.
Adrianna Gonzalez; Christine R. Totri, MD, MAS; and Robert F. Rogers, MD; Section Editor: Amor Khachemoune, MD, FAAD, FACMS
A 58-year-old man presented to the outpatient dermatology clinic with complaints of spots on his legs.
Madison Grinnell, BA; L. David Hall, MD; and Melissa Serravallo, MD
A 58-year-old man who was taking chronic prednisone treatment for nephrotic syndrome presented with an 18-month history of multiple asymptomatic erythematous to violaceous nodules on the posterior left upper arm and forearm.
Stephanie Le, MD; Mohammed Kurdy, MD; and Amor Khachemoune, MD, FAAD, FACMS—Section Editor
A man in his late 60s presented to the dermatology clinic for evaluation of an enlarging black lesion on his abdomen.
A 70-year-old man presented to the office with concern for a growth developing in a preexisting psoriatic plaque on the left elbow. The patient related that he had noticed this lesion for about 5 months.
Mehreen Sheikh, DO; Alexandra Bowles; Landon Hall, DO; and Brad Glick, DO, MPH, FAAD
A 16-year-old girl with no past medical history presented with a cystic lesion located on the right index finger.
Santana D. VanDyke, BS, and Barrett J. Zlotoff, MD
A 3-year-old girl with no significant past medical history presented with an anterior neck lesion that had been present since birth.
Joyce Y. Cheng, MD, MHS, and Philip R. Cohen, MD
A 74-year-old man presented for evaluation of an asymptomatic blister on his left great toe. Five days prior to the appearance of the blister, he had purchased a new pair of walking shoes and walked several miles on 2 consecutive days.
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