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Dawn M.R. Davis, MD, highlights ways dermatologists and other providers can engage patients with atopic dermatitis in tracking their disease severity.
This 2-minute video features Dawn M.R. Davis, MD, who details various severity scales, including physician-administered and patient-facing tools, for assessing atopic dermatitis.
In this video, Dawn M.R. Davis, MD, describes the different factors to consider when assessing the severity of disease in patients with atopic dermatitis.
Vivian Shi, MD, FAAD, explains what factors dermatologists need to consider beyond the skin's surface, including critical quality of life factors, for determining the diagnosis and severity of atopic dermatitis.
Vivian Shi, MD, FAAD, offers her insights into the experiences of patients with skin of color (SOC) and what dermatologists need to know about atopic dermatitis and SOC.
In this video, Dr Vivian Shi discusses a number of criteria needed in the accurate diagnosis of atopic dermatitis, and she offers a few easy tricks for making an appropriate and timely diagnosis.
Mark Nestor, MD, PhD, highlights what dermatologists should know when it comes to investing in products and procedures for their aesthetic practice.
Mark Nestor, MD, PhD, discusses how he manages patient expectations before an aesthetic service, including the tough talk patients might need before a procedure.
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