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Mark Nestor, MD, PhD, highlights what dermatologists should know when it comes to investing in products and procedures for their aesthetic practice.
Adam Friedman, MD, shares his experiences transitioning from being a resident to becoming a faculty member at GW.
What are the greatest challenges dermatology residents will face in the next five years? Adrianna Gonzalez Lopez, MD, asks Adam Friedman, MD, for his opinion on the field in this video.
Adam Friedman, MD, answers Azam Qureshi, MD, question on whether good exam scores determine if someone will make a good dermatology resident.
First year resident Adrianna Gonzalez Lopez, MD, shares what it is like starting her residency during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Azam Qureshi, MD, and Adrianna Gonzalez Lopez, MD, share the one piece of advice they would give their past selves to help them prepare for their dermatology residency.
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