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Larry Green, MD, interviews Esther Freeman, MD, about the latest findings from the COVID-19 Dermatology registry, including recent studies on COVID-19 long haulers and chilblains.
In this podcast, Nathan Bowers, MD, with Wake Forest School of Medicine, reviews new and emerging janus kinase inhibitors for atopic dermatitis.
In this podcast, April Armstrong, MD, reviews the latest updates in oral therapies for the treatment of psoriasis, and discusses why having these options is important for patients.
In this podcast, Peter Lio, MD, discusses how atopic dermatitis lesion location impacts patients' quality of life, and why it is important for dermatologists to discuss quality of life concerns with patients.
In this podcast, Susan Taylor, MD, discusses common causes of pigmentary disorders and effective procedural and medical options for improving hyperpigmentation among patients with skin of color.
In this episode, Larry Green, MD, describes the essential know-hows in diagnosing and treating nail psoriasis, including the importance of recognizing nail psoriasis as a hallmark of psoriatic arthritis.
In this episode, Larry Green, MD, interviews Mark Lebwohl, MD, about his career and role in pivotal topical therapy trials. Dr Lebwohl also shares his thoughts on how the field will evolve over the next 10 years.
Candrice Heath, MD, shared her insights on treating pediatric patients, and why it is important for all dermatologists, including those who only see adults, to learn about treating younger patients.
In this episode, Dr Barankin interviews Joseph Jorizzo, MD, about his favorite books, his advice for pursuing a career in medicine, how he maintain a work-life balance, and more.
In this podcast, Ramiz Hamid, MD, discusses behavioral strategies that help improve adherence and quality of life among patients with atopic dermatitis.
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