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In this podcast, Ramiz Hamid, MD, discusses behavioral strategies that help improve adherence and quality of life among patients with atopic dermatitis.
In this podcast, Iltefat Hamzavi, MD, discusses therapeutic options for managing flares, the role of lasers, and new therapies in the pipeline for hidradenitis suppurativa.
In the second installment of this podcast series, Benjamin Barankin, MD, interviews Doris Day, MD, about her life outside dermatology and how she balances her career with her other interests and hobbies in journalism, traveling, and hosting a radio show.
Lawrence Green, MD, discusses with Kristi Hawley, DO, strategies for selecting treatment options for patients with obesity and psoriasis, as well as patients at risk for cardiometabolic disease.
In this 2-minute podcast, Lindsay Strowd, MD, shares the pros and cons she has experienced when using telemedicine to treat patients with atopic dermatitis.
Lindsay Strowd, MD, discusses some of the latest advances in topical therapies for the treatment of atopic dermatitis and shares her tips on using topicals to manage this disease.
In this podcast series, Benjamin Barankin, MD, interviews leaders in dermatology about their lives, their wisdom, and any easy, actionable tips for balancing life as a busy dermatologist. This first episode features Seemal Desai, MD.
'Mask-ne,' or acne caused by wearing masks, is becoming more prevalent as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Julie Harper, MD, shares tips on how to prevent mask-ne, as well as how she counsels patients and the benefits of telemedicine.
April Armstrong, MD, and Lawrence Green, MD, discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health among patients with psoriasis, as well as clinicians.
In this podcast, Lawrence Green, MD, interviews April Armstrong, MD, on her latest study, which showed associations between patient satisfaction with their physicians and mental health among patients with psoriasis.
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