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There are many questions regarding the best way to manage patients with psoriasis during the coronavirus pandemic, particularly patients on systemic therapies. Dr Lawrence Green discusses how to address patients’ concerns, maintaining a safe work environment if you choose to keep your practice open, and current recommendations for patients on biologics, including anti‑TNF inhibitors.
In this podcast, Adam Friedman, MD, professor of dermatology and interim chair of the department of dermatology at George Washington Medical School, discusses off label uses of various therapies in dermatology, tips for counseling patients, and pearls for getting coverage from insurance companies.
In this podcast, Dr Leventhal discusses some of the common dermatologic adverse effects, therapies for treating these patients, and the importance of onco-dermatology in treating patients with cancer.
Adolescence, an already-difficult time in one's life, can be further complicated by psoriasis. Dr Lawrence Green, with George Washington University School of Medicine, discusses his treatment strategies for managing psoriasis in teenagers.
Erin Wei, MD, discusses her latest research, which found that patients with a first-degree relative who has had melanoma have a 74% higher risk of melanoma, 22% higher risk of squamous cell carcinoma, and 27% higher risk of basal cell carcinoma compared with those without a family history of melanoma.
In this podcast, Jonathan I. Silverberg, MD, PhD, MPH, associate professor of dermatology, medical social sciences, and preventive medicine at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine, discusses translating the latest evidence on comorbidities in atopic dermatitis into practice.
Lawrence Green, MD, with George Washington University School of Medicine, reviews current biologic therapies available for psoriasis and shares his methods for selecting the appropriate biologic for patients.
Lindsay Chaney Strowd, MD, with Wake Forest School of Medicine, reviews some of the challenges of treating atopic dermatitis in the United States.
Steven Feldman, MD, PhD, with Wake Forest School of Medicine, outlines ways dermatologists can improve adherence to medications among patients with atopic dermatitis in this short podcast.
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