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Hair and Scalp

Brianna De Souza, MD, and Amy McMichael, MD
The widely used vitamin can interfere with some laboratory test results.
Laura N. Uwakwe, MD, and Amy J. McMichael, MD
Knowledge of hair grooming oils used in the hair and scalp can enhance patient care. This article reviews coconut, jojoba, argan, olive, tea tree, castor, miracle fruit seed oils, and shea butter.
Jacob Subash, BS, and Amy McMichael, MD
This article addresses common dermatologic, neuropathic, systemic, and psychogenic disorders associated with scalp pruritus.
Jacob Subash, BS, and Amy McMichael, MD
The question of when a dermatologist should discuss a wig purchase or wig use with an alopecia patient is not clearly defined, but is an important part of the armamentarium of hair loss treatment.
Ariana Eginli, BA, and Amy McMichael, MD
Many nondermatologists do not realize how many times in a day that dermatologists have to deliver news that a condition is difficult to treat or not curable. 
Ariana Eginli, BA, and Amy McMichael, MD
In September, a 23-year-old woman presents to her dermatologist complaining of dry, “weak” hair with excessive breakage for 2 weeks. She reports having her hair professionally colored every 12 weeks for the past year, but denies any other chemical treatments. 
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