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Zijian Zheng, DO, Elizabeth Henderson, DO, Adam Richardson, DO
A middle-aged man presented with an intensely pruritic eruption on the feet, thighs, and trunk after traveling to Florida for vacation.
Greg Stevens, PA-C
Personal protective equipment has caused an increase in iatrogenic dermatoses, such as contact dermatitis and acne, that need to be handled with care to protect and treat hyperpigmentation.
Farhaad Riyaz, MD, FAAD, Dennis Porto, MD, FAAD
Delivering quality care during the pandemic to vulnerable patients and those who require frequent visits has been made easier with the rapid adoption of telemedicine.
Cooper Tye, BS, Eric Smith, BS, Nicholas Shaffer, BA, MPH, Hamza Khan, BS, Nathanael Franks, BS, MBA, Esther Shin, MD
Patients are savvier than ever when selecting their dermatologist. This cross-sectional study of a provider review website set out to determine what factors affect patient satisfaction.
Chance Morris, MD, Carly Levin, MSIV, Jarad Levin, MD
A sexagenarian man with a history of polysubstance abuse and chronic, active HCV without cirrhosis was referred to our dermatology clinic for recurrent acral blisters exacerbated with sun exposure and alcohol intake.
Emil A. Tanghetti, MD
Telehealth may have a time and place in dermatology, but the quality and efficiency of the in-person visit can never be replaced.
Mark Lebwohl, MD
In this update, a number of recent developments in psoriatic disease treatment, including topical therapies and biologics, are highlighted.
Lauren Mateja, Managing Editor
Treating psoriasis in our pediatric patients is generally similar to treating psoriasis in adults, but the psychosocial burden on the patient and their caregivers should be a point of emphasis in the visits and approach to management.
Lawrence Green, MD
The psoriasis treatment landscape keeps changing for the better, with newer injectable and topical therapies available for patients with mild, moderate, and severe disease. Within the past 2 years alone, the FDA has approved some new indications for already existing therapies and new topical formulations.
Brad Shumel, MD, Ana B. Rossi, MD, CMD
This visual 12-patient series by Drs Shumel and Rossi demonstrates the efficacy of dupilumab in patients aged 6 to 11 years with severe atopic dermatitis treated over a 16-week period.
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