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Lauren Mateja, Managing Editor
As the next generation of students and residents begin their careers in dermatology, multimedia is helping deliver education in new engaging formats, from social networks to videos and podcasts.
Lauren Mateja, Managing Editor
Across various fields of medicine, telehealth has shown success with patient access and satisfaction. A new clinical trial, which partners a research firm and a major academic center, seeks to demonstrate equivalent outcomes between teledermatology and traditional in-person care.
Patients are increasingly turning to “natural” and “clean” cosmeceuticals to address their skin care concerns outside of the doctor’s office. The Dermatologist discussed these products with Dr Carl Thornfeldt and scratched the surface on their role within dermatology.
Cheryl M. Burgess, MD, FAAD
As cosmetic procedures continue to grow in popularity, so too does the number of patients who experience adverse events from ill-equipped or undereducated providers treating skin of color. Dermatologists need to expand their knowledge of darker Fitzpatrick skin types in order to effectively treat these patients. 
Lauren Mateja, Managing Editor
Gaining followers and getting likes on social media can be intimidating for the everyday dermatologist. Jason Emer, MD, FAAD, shares his insights on how to use social media to market a practice. 
Melissa Weiss, Associate Editor
Wendy E. Roberts, MD, shares how dermatologists can screen and treat hair loss plus pearls for adding hair to a dermatology practice.
Melissa Weiss, Associate Editor
Jonathan J. Lee, MD, is raising awareness of the importance of recognizing and studying dermatologic effects of nutritional deficiencies to better identify these conditions sooner.
Rochelle Nataloni, Contributing Editor
In Part 4 of this exclusive series, melanoma experts discuss the use of new technology in melanoma detection and treatment.   
Lisa B. Samalonis, Managing Editor
Atopic dermatitis is a complicated condition. Its definitive and succinct cause and ideal treatment have not been realized yet, said Dr. Lio, who spoke on the topic at the recent American Academy of Dermatology meeting in New York. 
Richard G. Fried, MD, PhD; Phil Werschler, MD; Diane Berson, MD; and James Q. Del Rosso, Do
Acne scars have a substantial negative impact on the overall social and functional well-being of affected individuals. This article discusses the results of a study aimed to assess the emotional and functional impact of facial scarring. 
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