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The Dermatopathologist

Cynthia M. Magro, MD; and Margaret Ravits, MD
A 51-year-old woman presented with a localized papular eruption on the forehead. The patient was seen by a dermatologist who thought the eruption was rosacea.
Cynthia M. Magro, MD; Lena Scheck; and Amin A. Hedayat, MD
A 27-year-old woman developed induration and pain in the red part of the tattoo on her ankle. One month after placement of the tattoo, the areas of induration underwent ulceration
Cynthia M. Magro, MD—Section Editor, and Barry Goldman, MD
An unusual case of extensive reticulated hyperpigmentation of the back.
Cynthia M. Magro, MD; Philip Eliades, MD; and Amin A. Hedayat, MD
A 58-year-old man with a history of myelofibrosis presented with a cystic nodule on his left knee.
Luke C. Olson, MD; Michelle Henry, MD; and Cynthia M. Magro, MD
A 45-year-old man presented to dermatology with a long-standing subcentimeter nodule on the right inferior central malar cheek. A shave biopsy showed an extensive tumefactive atypical glandular proliferation primarily involving the dermis throughout its depth.
Cynthia M. Magro, MD; Jad Saab, MD; and Paul Dantzig, MD
A 27-year-old woman with a long-standing history of juvenile dermatomyositis developed cutaneous and subcutaneous nodules.
Cynthia M. Magro, MD; Maira Foseca, MD; and Amin A. Hedayat, MD
This case discusses a woman with HIV who presented with a large, foul-smelling inguinal wound.
Cynthia M. Magro, MD; Garron Solomon, MD; and Amin A. Hedayat, MD
A 29-year-old pregnant woman presented with an abrupt onset of blistering necrotic hemorrhagic lesion on the left hand. It subsequently resolved leaving an eschar.
Aretina Leung; Jad Saab, MD; Horatio F. Wildman, MD; and Cynthia Magro, MD
This case describes a 32-year-old woman with pustular psoriasis of pregnancy.
Cynthia M. Magro, MD; Jad Saab, MD; and Jalong Gaan, MD, PhD
In case 1, A 50-year-old woman presented with recent pigmentation of the left big toenail. A biopsy was performed (Figures A-D).
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