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For patients receiving BRAF inhibitor monotherapy with numerous squamoproliferative neoplasms, how often should dermatologic assessment occur during the first 3 months of treatment?
What is the approximate incidence of alopecia among patients treated with antimicrotubule agents?
True or False: Various studies have suggested platelet rich plasma may be an effective treatment option for diabetic foot ulcers.
What is the ideal lip ratio among Caucasian women?
In the updated American Academy of Dermatology and National Psoriasis Foundation guidelines, what is the recommended starting dose for narrow-band UVB for patients with skin type III and VI?
Which pregnancy-related dermatosis is associated with a high risk for premature delivery?
According to the 2016 Guidelines for the Use of Local Anesthesia in Office-based Dermatologic Surgery, procedures of urgent medical necessity requiring topical lidocaine in pregnant women should be postponed until which trimester?
Approximately how many mites are present on a patient with scabies who is otherwise healthy?
What is the main difference between aspects measured by the Ludwig scale and Savin scale?
Test your knowledge on nails.
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