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What is the relationship between adalimumab and disease activity in patients with psoriatic disease?
When treating psoriasis in skin of color, which treatment should be specially considered due to its particular benefits?
Can you identify this statement about tirbanibulin and actinic keratosis as true or false?
What is the primary reason for skin of color (SOC) being more likely to develop pigmentary sequelae?
Can you identify the patient group that is more susceptible to a delayed diagnosis for psoriatic arthritis?
While research works toward understanding the disease pathophysiology, a more immediate need to understand the intersection of HS and COVID-19 has taken precedent.
What are the mechanisms of action behind the 4 groups of dietary triggers for rosacea flares?
In a comparison of the mental health of patients with acne treated with isotretinoin vs oral antibiotics, which treatment group was found to experience more depressive symptoms and psychological distress?
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