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Immunomodulating therapies can help a majority of patients receiving the therapy achieve and maintain Psoriasis Area and Severity Index 100 scores for short- and long-term periods of time. How have newer biologics impacted your practice? Let us know!
How has your clinic’s transition to teledermatology platforms been during the COVID-19 pandemic?
What are some of the concerns about the coronavirus that you are hearing from patients?
Submit your feedback in our poll.
What do you think the biggest challenges for dermatology will be in 202?
What medicines, products, or therapies have revolutionized your practice and improved patient outcomes?
From do-it-yourself skin care to sunburn tattoos and perineum sunning (yes, you read that right), 2019 has had a lot of new and questionable trends. Which ones have you seen personally, either in your practice or on social media?
In your opinion, how should precancerous and slow growing cancerous lesions be monitored and treated in the elderly?
What do you think about the role of artificial intelligence, such as machine learning, in dermatology?
Do you ever discuss dietary interventions with your patients? Submit your answer to our poll.
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