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Submit your questions on practice management, from coding and billing to marketing and referrals, to guide our new initiatives with real-world examples and help move dermatology forward.
Do you routinely screen for these diseases in your patients with HS? Let us know in the poll below!
Which staging system for risk stratification of cutaneous malignancies does your practice use? Let us know in this poll!
Submit your answers to our poll.
Do you consider mental health in the treatment plan for your patients with psoriasis? Let us know in the poll below!
The Dermatologist is s planning its 2021 editorial calendar, and we want to hear from you. When it comes to aesthetics, what topics would you like to see us cover? Let us know in the poll below!
A recent meta-analysis reviewed the latest evidence on efficacy and tolerability of the available biologic agents for the treatment of moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. Do you agree with their results? Let us know!
In this edition of You Make the Call, your patient presents with worsening plaque psoriasis (>8% BSA) now affecting his scalp and bilateral upper extremities after failing effective treatment with narrowband UV-B and topical corticosteroid combination therapy. How would you approach treatment?
The decision to start a patient with psoriasis onto a systemic agent for disease management is an important conversation between provider and patient. When considering a biologic for the treatment of plaque psoriasis, what is the most important factor in your clinical decision?
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