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Learning does not stop after residency, said Jennifer Holman, MD, at the 2019 SDPA Conference. Dr Holman shared some pearls she learned when she started as a practicing dermatologist, including tips for preventing burnout.
Many important and groundbreaking studies were published in 2019. Ted Rosen, MD, discussed newly published literature from this year and shared his insight on how it may affect clinical practice in the future.
Psoriasis on the head and neck can be bothersome to the patient and difficult to treat. A recent poster study investigated the efficacy of a biologic for treating these areas in patients with moderate to severe psoriasis.
Michael Swann, MD, reviewed anatomy and shared pearls for performing and mastering sutures at the 2019 SDPA conference.
Jonathan Dyer, MD, shared clinical pearls for performing surgical procedures on children at the 2019 SDPA Conference in Scottsdale, AZ.
Patch testing is useful for identifying allergens among patients with allergic contact dermatitis; however, patch testing may not be feasible or necessary for every patient. Rajani Katta, MD, shares her recommendations for products patients should avoid before patch testing. 
Jonathan Dyer, MD, discussed several rare skin diseases that are associated with malignancy or increased risk of malignancy at the 2019 SDPA Conference in Scottsdale, AZ
Some cosmetic procedures have uses in patients with chronic and difficult to treat conditions. Jennifer Holman, MD, shared pearls for using these procedures, such as neurotoxins and platelet rich plasma, during her presentation at the 2019 SDPA conference.
Ilanit Samuels, PA-C, discussed best practices for performing lip injections at the 2019 Fall Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.
At the 2019 Fall SDPA Conference, Jennifer Holman, MD, and Chris Surek, DO, reviewed tips for managing complications from cosmetic procedures.
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