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Tattoo removal can be challenging, but with a few simple tricks and important techniques, results can be astonishing. Eric F. Bernstein, MD, MSE, shared his tips as a laser treatment expert on the third day of the Cosmetic Bootcamp Virtual Meeting.
Wendy Roberts, MD, FAAD, highlighted a number of new trends and updates in existing therapies for taking care of hair in her presentation at Cosmetic Bootcamp Virtual Meeting.
“There are all kinds of complications; there are the ones that we see commonly, there are ones that we see uncommonly, and there are ones that keep you awake at night,” explained Kenneth Beer, MD, founder of Cosmetic Bootcamp, at CBC 2020.
Patient satisfaction and great aesthetic outcomes start at the initial consultation, and physicians should carefully examine the facial anatomy to improve their approach to the treatment plan. Deborah D. Sherman, MD, described how she evaluates the face at CBC 2020.
To help board-certified physicians and their staff (non-physician provider or office personnel) prepare, Cosmetic Bootcamp is moving from Aspen, CO, to a virtual format over 2.5 days from Friday, July 10, to Sunday, July 12.
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