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Angelo Landriscina, MD, discussed the role of supportive, gender-affirming dermatology for treating LGBTQ patients, as well as the need for more research to improve the care of LGBTQ patients.
Angelo Landriscina, MD, discusses treatment considerations for the management of acne in LGTBQ patients, including iPLEDGE.
Angelo Landriscina, MD, reviewed important considerations dermatologists should keep in mind when treating LGBTQ patients with acne, such as discrimination and screening for psychological comorbidities.
At the GW Virtual Appraisal of Advances in Acne Conference, Julie Harper, MD, discussed the use of hormonal treatments for acne.
James Del Rosso, DO, presented on topical acne therapies at George Washington University’s Advances in Acne conference. He shared tips for assessing acne and counseling patients to ensure adherence to their treatments.
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