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You Make the Call: Psoriasis Edition

In this edition of You Make the Call, your patient presents with worsening plaque psoriasis (>8% BSA) now affecting his scalp and bilateral upper extremities after failing effective treatment with narrowband UV-B and topical corticosteroid combination therapy. He also noted in the appointment that coming into the phototherapy clinic was stressful at this time, given that he takes public transportation and is concerned with exposure to SARS-CoV-2 and developing severe COVID-19 infection; however, other than his clinic appointments, he works from home and practices safe social distancing. He is biologic-na├»ve.

How would you approach treatment? Give your advice below!


As their selectivity improves, biologics are becoming more and more safe and effective for the treatment of psoriatic disease. Watch Dr Blauvelt discuss improvements in safety in the latest biologic agents in this 3-minute video clip

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