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Pediatric Melanoma in the Hispanic Population Presents at an Earlier Age and Is More Advanced

Pediatric melanoma in Hispanics presents at a younger age, has predominance in the lower limb, are Spitzoid melanomas, and are thicker tumors compared with non-Hispanic Whites (NHWs).

“We sought to document key clinicopathologic features of melanoma in Hispanic pediatric patients and to compare these parameters to pediatric NHWs under the a priori hypothesis that Spitzoid melanomas occur in greater proportions in Hispanics,” wrote the study authors.

Researchers performed a single-institution cross-sectional study of pediatric melanoma cases in Hispanics less than age 20 years.

Compared with NHWs, pediatric melanoma in Hispanic patients presented significantly younger (11.7 years; 95% CI, 2.77-8.00 years; P=.001), with lower limb predominance (46%; P<.05), mostly Spitzoid melanomas (82%; P<.05), and thicker tumors (2.34 mm; CI, 0.26-2.19 mm; P<.05).

“Pediatric melanomas may present differently in Hispanics, and heightened awareness/lower threshold to biopsy high‐risk Spitzoid tumors on the lower limb may be warranted,” concluded the study authors. –Lisa Kuhns

Kim DJ, Yuan TA, Chen PC, et al. Pediatric melanoma in the Hispanic population: an analysis of institutional and national data. Pediatr Dermatol. Published online January 24, 2021. doi:10.1111/pde.14516

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