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Patients With Psoriasis Have Over 2-Fold Odds of HS

Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) was strongly associated with psoriasis, according to the findings of a recent study.

“HS and psoriasis appear to share important pathogenic elements,” the researchers said. “In spite of this, the co-occurrence of the 2 has been widely unexplored.”
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In the study, the researchers assessed the co-occurrence of psoriasis and HS among patients who attended an outpatient clinic at Zealand University Hospital in Roskilde, Denmark. They compared data with previously reported Danish national prevalence rates for HS and psoriasis.

A total of 1036 patients were included, 440 with HS, 624 with psoriasis, and 28 with both.

Overall, 6.4% of patients with HS had psoriasis, and 4.5% of patients with psoriasis had HS, the researchers said. Compared with the background population, patients with HS had an odds ratio (OR) for psoriasis of 2.99 (95% CI, 2.04-4.38) and patients with psoriasis had an OR for HS of 2.56 (95% CI, 1.74-3.77).

“We found a strong association between HS and psoriasis, which implies a possible comorbidity between psoriasis and HS that has not previously been properly elucidated,” the researchers concluded. “Such a connection could be a common inflammatory pathway driven by the increased secretion of IL-12/23 and tumor necrosis factor-α that is a hallmark of both diseases.”


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