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Patients With Benign Hyperpigmentation Willing To Pay For Cure

Patients with benign hyperpigmentation conditions are willing to pay almost $40 for 25% improvement in their condition and spend almost 90 minutes per day to receive a therapy that could cure their disease. The findings from a recent study show that, despite being considered a cosmetic condition, benign hyperpigmentation is associated with a high disease burden.

The cross-sectional pilot study included 85 adults with benign hyperpigmentation visiting an urban dermatology clinic. Participants completed a survey that collected demographic and health utility information, including willingness-to-pay, time trade-off (TTO), and time spent concealing. To assess disease severity, participants underwent a dermatology exam. Quality of life was also assessed.
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For 25% improvement, the mean WTP was $38.95. Participants were willing to pay $83.18 for a 50% improvement in their skin condition.

Participants were also willing to trade up to 1.4 hours per day to receive a therapy that would completely cure their condition, the researchers said. And, participants were willing to spend 13.3% of their monthly income on a therapy that could cure their condition.

The average daily concealment time was 20.8 minutes, and this correlated with worsened quality of life.

“Our findings suggest that benign hyperpigmentation can have a substantial effect on quality of life as measured by the amount of time and money patients are willing to spend to alleviate themselves of disease,” the researchers concluded.

“Although limited by sample size and design, the information collected herein on WTP preferences might assist physicians in gauging the impact of hyperpigmentation disorders on patient quality of life and might be useful in guiding therapeutic decisions,” they added.


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