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Itch NRS Suitable for Pediatric Psoriasis Population

Use of the Itch Numeric Rating Scale (NRS) in adults with psoriasis is common, but standard use in a similar pediatric population has not been established. A qualitative study supports the content validity of the Itch NRS for pediatric patients with psoriasis. The results were published in Pediatric Dermatology.

They performed semi-structured qualitative interviews among a sample of pediatric patients diagnosed with plaque psoriasis. In total, 22 children completed concept elicitation interviews and 25 completed cognitive interviews.

When asked about their most frequent symptoms, 14 (61%) participants reported itching and 15 (65%) reported flaking. In addition, a majority of patients said the itching as bothersome, and approximately half reported that itch impacted their regular activities.

When it came to the Itch NRS, a majority of the interviewees reported that completing the survey would be easy. They further indicated that the meaning of the response options was similar to the intended value. In general, the Itch NRS was well received and described as easy and relevant to the pediatric psoriasis experience.

The authors concluded that the qualitative study supported the content validity of the Itch NRS in pediatric patients with psoriasis as young as age 8 years. Future research, they said, should explore the impact of itch on the lives of pediatric patients with psoriasis.

Mannix S, Edson-heredia E, Paller AS, Yosipovitch G, Burge R, Kleinman L. The experience of itch in children with psoriasis: a qualitative exploration of the Itch Numeric Rating Scale. Pediatr Dermatol. Published online December 18, 2020. doi:10.1111/pde.14403

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