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Investigational Biologic Shows Promise for Psoriasis

Bimekizumab remains safe and effective through 60 weeks of treatment, according to the findings of a recent study.

“Dual neutralization of both IL-17A and IL-17F with the monoclonal antibody bimekizumab may have greater efficacy in psoriasis than neutralization of IL-17A alone,” the researchers said. They investigated the long-term efficacy and safety of bimekizumab using data from a phase 2b extension study.

In the extension study, 217 participants with moderate to severe psoriasis who achieved a Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI) 90 response after 12 weeks of treatment continued receiving bimekizumab at 64 mg, 160 mg, or 320 mg for an additional 48 weeks.
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The researchers found that participants who achieved PASI90 generally maintained high levels of efficacy through week 60. Overall, 80% to 100% of participants maintained their PASI90 score, 69% to 83% of participants maintained their PASI100 score, and 78% to 100% of participants maintained their Investigator Global Assessment score of 0/1.

In addition, the incidence of serious treatment-emergent adverse events was 15 out of 217 (6.9%). The researchers noted that no cases of inflammatory bowel disease, major adverse cardiovascular events, or suicidal ideation or behavior were reported during the study period.

“The response rates to bimekizumab were maintained through week 60, with a substantial proportion of participants achieving complete skin clearance,” the researchers concluded. While the study showed bimekizumab was generally well-tolerated and effective, it was limited by the fact that most of the data reported was for week 12 PASI 90 responders only and there was a low number of participants in the bimekizumab 64 mg group.


Blauvelt A, Papp KA, Merola JF, et al. Bimekizumab for patients with moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis: 60-week results from BE ABLE 2, a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled phase 2b extension study. Published online May 28, 2020. J Am Acad Dermatol. doi:10.1016/j.jaad.2020.05.105

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