Cardiovascular Risk Factors More Prevalent Among Psoriasis Patients


Cardiovascular risk factors, including metabolic syndrome, were more prevalent among individuals with psoriasis compared with the general population, according to a recent study. 

The observational, cross-sectional study included 398,701 individuals in Lleida, Spain. A total of 6868 cases of psoriasis (1.7%) were identified, which included 499 cases (7.3%) of moderate to severe psoriasis. 

Compared with individuals without psoriasis, those with psoriasis had a higher prevalence of traditional cardiovascular risk factors, including type 2 diabetes (7.4% vs 13.9%, respectively, odds ratio [OR] 2.01), dyslipidemia (17.4% vs 28.8%, OR 1.92), arterial hypertension (19% vs 31.2%, OR 1.93), obesity (28.1% vs 33.7%, OR 1.3), altered fasting basal glycemia (vs 21.4%, OR 1.54), low cholesterol high density lipoprotein (32.3% vs 38.1%, OR 1.29), hypertriglyceridemia (35.2% vs 45.7%, OR 1.55), and high waist circumference (72.3% vs 75.7%, OR 1.19).

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Metabolic syndrome was more prevalent among individuals with psoriasis compared with those without psoriasis (28.3% vs 15.1%, OR 2.21). Additionally, cardiovascular risk factors were similar across psoriasis severity groups.  

The prevalence of ischemic heart disease was higher among patients with psoriasis (3.3% vs 1.8%, OR 1.87), as well as vascular-cerebral accidents (1.8% vs 1.2%, OR 1.55). In addition, a model for metabolic syndrome showed a significant non-linear relationship between age and sex, as well as significant differences between individuals with and without psoriasis. 

“We found statistically differences in relation to the prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors, metabolic syndrome and major cardiovascular events in psoriatic patients. However, differences were not seen between psoriasis severity groups,” the researchers concluded. “Our work reinforces the need for a multidisciplinary approach and close monitoring of cardiovascular risk factors in these patients to prevent a cardiovascular event.”


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