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App Helps Patients Adhere to Long Treatment Duration


A new app was recently released to help patients adhere to the 48-week long treatment of efinaconazole 10% topical solution (Jublia) combined with topical azole for fungal infections of the toenails. 


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JubliApp is available on the APP Store for IOS devices or Google Play for Android Mobile devices and is expected to make the long treatment duration less intimidating for patients. It includes:

  • Daily reminders to apply treatment and monthly reminders to refill prescriptions.

  • The ability to upload images and compare them side by side to track the efficacy of treatment, as well as the capability to share images with healthcare providers to help monitor progress.

  • Uploaded images can be used to identify affected toenails.

  • To help patients wait for the application to dry, the app includes the game Mission Plu-Toe and a notification for when the drying time is up.

  • The ability to share weekly progress reports that track whether a patient has applied the daily treatment, waited for the treatment to dry by playing the game, or took a photo of the affected toenails.

“Since we only see patients a handful of times a year, it is often difficult to ensure they are being adherent to a long-course treatment, such as efinaconazole 10% topical solution,” said Dr Tracey Vlahovic, DPM, professor in the department of podiatric medicine at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. “By giving patients the ability to send physicians their progress photos at the touch of a button, we are able to give them real-time guidance to provide their best chance for complete clearance.”


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