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Acne Relapses Linked With Impaired Quality of Life​​​​​​​

Acne relapses affected 44% of patients with acne in a recent study and were significantly associated with impaired quality of life and productivity. Researchers published their findings online in the Journal of The European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology. 

Although common among teenagers, acne and acne relapses among adults are on the rise “for yet unknown reasons,” researchers wrote. Their study aimed to determine the rate and impact of acne relapses in both teenagers and adults.

Among 1048 questionnaires completed by individuals aged 15 years and older who consulted a dermatologist about acne, 68% were filled out by individuals aged 20 years and younger and 32% by adults. Mild acne affected 43% of respondents, according to the researchers. Moderate acne affected 41%, and severe acne affected 16%.
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The researchers found 44% of participants reported acne relapses overall. By age group, acne relapses affected 53.3% of adults and 39.9% of individuals aged 20 years and younger.  

Analysis revealed poorer quality of life among respondents who reported acne relapses compared with respondents who reported no acne relapses. Among adults, the study identified a significant difference on Cardiff Acne Disability Index scores with acne relapse compared with no acne relapse. 

“Acne‐related absenteeism was recorded in 5.7% of cases,” the researchers reported. “On multivariate analyses, after adjusting for other variables, acne relapse was proven a significant determinant of absenteeism/productivity loss.”

—Jolynn Tumolo


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