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Use of the Itch Numeric Rating Scale (NRS) in adults with psoriasis is common, but standard use in a similar pediatric population has not been established. A qualitative study supports the content validity of the Itch NRS for pediatric patients with psoriasis. The results were published in Pediatric Dermatology.
Lauren Mateja, Managing Editor
Women have found an increasing presence throughout dermatology both at a general and subspecialty level, but gaps in representation remain.
Derm Q&A
Melissa Weiss, Associate Editor
At the 2020 Fall Clinical Dermatology Conference, Anthony J. Mancini, MD, reviewed treatment options for warts and MC. He discussed this approach to treating these conditions and shared clinical pearls in an interview with The Dermatologist.
A recent study highlighted several areas in the United States that lacked a pediatric dermatologist.
A recent study showed that omalizumab was effective for pediatric patients with chronic spontaneous urticaria recalcitrant to first line treatments.
Findings from a recent study showed a drug-device combination product containing cantharidin, 0.7%, was safe and effective for patients with molluscum contagiosum.
Findings from a recent study showed efinaconazole 10% topical solution was safe and effective, with a favorable pharmacokinetic profile, among pediatric patients with onychomycosis.
Peter Sonnenreich, Mary Anne Dunkin
Without approved treatment options for molluscum contagiosum, doctors have differing opinions on how and even whether to treat. Recent interviews with dermatologists and pediatricians offer insight into the treatments that these two specialties use and the characteristics of treatments they hope to have in the future.
Korey Capozza, MPH, Magali Redding
Children with eczema and their parents are often at wits’ end with alleviating the itch associated with atopic dermatitis. Perhaps it is time to shift the paradigm from “stop scratching” to alternative or behavioral health approaches to fight itch with less mental anguish.
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