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Population Health Learning Network, our sister brand, interviewed Nana Duffy, MD, a board-certified dermatologist with Rochester Regional Health, about the importance of ensuring patients understand how to use telehealth properly and to its full capacity
Online Exclusive
April W. Armstrong, MD, MPH
It is important that we are nimble to use different models of teledermatology delivery, including live interactive and store-and-forward methods, and that we recognize that different patient populations may be receptive to different types of delivery.
Rasna Kaur Neelam, Contributing Writer
Seven graduating medical students, newly matched into dermatology, weigh in on the end of medical school and beginning intern year during a pandemic.
Continuing education is critical to improving your practice and, ultimately, patient care. Preview the latest offerings in continuing medical education, from virtual meetings to currently scheduled live conferences.
The Dermatologist spoke with Bobby Buka, MD, about the AAD recommendations, how his practice is integrating telemedicine, and what dermatologists can do to help their colleagues on the front lines of this pandemic.
Members of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) look forward to the Annual Meeting year in and year out. For residents, it’s an opportunity to cram for boards and network; for veterans of the field, it’s the time to catch up with old colleagues and review the latest in evidence-based dermatology practices.
Business Insider
Nick Hernandez, MBA, FACHE
Practice mergers are becoming more common in health care. Careful consideration of reasons to merge, along with the intangible factors of the potential merger, can help increase the chances of success.
Cover Story
Lauren Mateja, Managing Editor
Across various fields of medicine, telehealth has shown success with patient access and satisfaction. A new clinical trial, which partners a research firm and a major academic center, seeks to demonstrate equivalent outcomes between teledermatology and traditional in-person care.
Gretchen Frieling, MD
Physician burnout is a serious concern in the medical community, and finding a separation between work and play can be hard for many dermatologists. Gretchen Frieling, MD, offers a few tips for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
Oluwatobi A. Ogbechie-Godec, MD, MBA, Hao Feng, MD, MHS
Dermatology faces a potentially serious problem regarding patient access to adequate care. The following five suggestions are practical opportunities to improve the ever-growing backlog of patients in need of dermatologic care.
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