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A survey of patients with psoriasis found that a majority of respondents stated that they would stop their biologic or reduce their dosage during the pandemic, illustrating a critical need for dermatologists to discuss the relationship between COVID-19 and immunomodulating therapies with their patients.
The National Psoriasis Foundation released guidance on vaccination with the new SARS-CoV-2 vaccine for patients with psoriasis.
Larry Green, MD, interviews Esther Freeman, MD, about the latest findings from the COVID-19 Dermatology registry, including recent studies on COVID-19 long haulers and chilblains.
In this video preview, Drs Larry Green and Esther Freeman discuss the latest data regarding the use of immunomodulators during the COVID-19 pandemic.
In this video, Giovanni Damiani, MD, discusses what additional research is needed to further the understanding of stopping or starting biologics during the COVID-19 pandemic.
A recent study, presented at EADV Virtual, highlighted the risk of severe COVID-19 outcomes among patients with psoriasis treated with biologics. Study author Giovanni Damiani, MD, reviewed the key takeaways of this poster in this video.
Giovanni Damiani, MD, discusses one of the notable findings from his EADV Virtual poster on COVID-19 and biologic use, which was the potential protective effect of IL-17 inhibitors.
Lauren Mateja, Managing Editor
The dearth of clinical images of the cutaneous manifestations of COVID-19 in higher Fitzpatrick skin types represents a larger problem: how can dermatology diagnose diseases in darker skin if clinicians do not know what to look for?
In this video, Giovanni Damiani, MD, discusses the results of the poster study he presented at EADV Virtual, which showed patients with psoriasis treated with biologics were less likely to experience worse COVID-19 disease outcomes.
What is the National Psoriasis Foundation COVID-19 Task Force recommendation for the use of chronic systemic steroids for the treatment of psoriatic arthritis during the pandemic?
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