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Eczema Case Reports

Alex H.C. Wong, MD, Alexander K.C. Leung, MD, Benjamin Barankin, MD, and Kam Lun Ellis Hon, MD
A 9-year-old boy presented with persistently moderate pruritic and reddened skin on the superior parts of the anterior shins.
David L. Kaplan, MD—Series Editor
This 19-year-old young man presented for evaluation of a pruritic eruption over both elbows, occurring only in the summer months. He had noticed it last year, as well.
Melina Norberto and Andrew Bagg, MD
An 18-year-old female presented with skin lesions across her entire body. She complained of itchy, red skin patches with no known triggers. The flaking of her skin and nasal allergies were also worsening.
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