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Infectious Dermatology News

Findings from a recent study highlight factors and costs of emergency department visits for cellulitis and erysipelas.
Findings from two European studies published in JAMA Dermatology assessed the potential association between chilblains and COVID-2019.
The CDC recently released recommendations for best practices for screening, treating, and preventing STDs. Here are a few recommendations dermatologists can use in their practice to quickly assess a patient’s risk for STDs.
Findings from a recent study showed African American patients with HIV have a higher risk for pruritic disorders compared with white HIV patients and controls.
HPV vaccine is recommended for preventing anogenital HPV infections. Now, findings from a recent study suggest the vaccine can provide herd immunity among unvaccinated men against vaccine-type oral HPV infections.
A recent study examined the broad clinical implications of varying iron status among over 400,000 participants enrolled in the UK Biobank.
A new app was recently released to help patients adhere to the 48-week long treatment of efinaconazole 10% topical solution for fungal infections of the toenails.
The FDA announced a ban on triclosan-based health care antiseptic hand soaps and sanitizers.
The FDA has launched a new tool aimed at getting critical updates regarding antibiotics and antifungal drugs to health care professionals faster in an effort to combat antimicrobial resistance. 
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