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Eczema News

A cross-sectional study determined that children with atopic dermatitis (AD) had increased chronic school absenteeism vs children with psoriasis, finding an increased burden on quality of life in these patients.
A retrospective analysis found that ocular complications are most commonly associated with dupliumab use and that herpes infection is low.
A study published in Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology found that dupilumab persistence was high after 1 year in adults with atopic dermatitis (AD).
A study published in Advances in Therapy that evaluated adults with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis in the United States found a significant link between psychosocial comorbidities and health outcomes.
Findings from a recent study showed a high proportion of patients with hand eczema had positive patch test results.
Findings from a recent study showed the prevalence of conjunctivitis and other ocular surface diseases was higher among patients with compared with individuals without atopic dermatitis.
Vitamin D supplementation may be an effective add-on to topical atopic dermatitis therapy, according to the findings of a recent study.
Findings from a recent study showed patients with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis had a high burden of ocular surface disorders and related symptoms.
A synthetic indolicidin analogue antimicrobial peptide with activity against Staphylococcus aureus improved dysbiosis but not the clinical signs of atopic dermatitis.
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