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Psoriatic Arthritis News

Results from a recent study highlight a potential association between hearing impairment and psoriatic arthritis, and the effects of these conditions on mental well-being.
A recent study showed the efficacy of a biologic at achieving disease remission among patients with psoriatic arthritis.
Results from a recent study suggested the “green nail” phenomenon may be an indicator of psoriatic arthritis.
Researchers investigated whether etanercept or methotrexate monotherapy or combination of both therapies effectively treated patients with psoriatic arthritis.
In a recent study, researchers investigated the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and various cardiovascular diseases among patients with psoriatic arthritis compared with the general population and patients with psoriasis.
Researchers investigated whether an interleukin-17A inhibitor effectively treated the clinical signs and symptoms of psoriatic arthritis in patients who had been exposed to other biologics.
The FDA has approved a rheumatoid arthritis drug for the treatment of active psoriatic arthritis in adults.
Arthritis that accompanies the skin condition psoriasis may also come with a higher risk of heart problems, according to a Hong Kong study.
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