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PSORIASIS: A Look Into New Therapies and Patient Groups

Advances in Psoriasis Therapies
Guest editorial
Lawrence Green, MD

The Dermatologist’s Board Review: Psoriasis Edition
Test your psoriatic knowledge with these questions. 
Amy J. McMichael, MD, Section Editor

Psychosocial Considerations for Your Pediatric Patients: Q&A With Kelly M. Cordoro, MD
Treating psoriasis in our pediatric patients is generally similar to treating psoriasis in adults, but the psychosocial burden on the patient and their caregivers should be a point of emphasis in the visits and approach to management.
Lauren Mateja, Managing Editor

An Update in the Psoriatic Treatment Algorithm and Therapies
In this update, a number of recent developments in psoriatic disease treatment, including topical therapies and biologics, are highlighted. 
Mark Lebwohl, MD

Pearls in Psoriasis: Mental Health, Physician Satisfaction, and Psoriasis   
The following is an excerpt from Pearls in Psoriasis with Dr Lawrence Green, featuring Dr April Armstrong and her study on patient mental health and satisfaction with their physicians.
Melissa Weiss, Associate Editor

july cover
Psoriasis Treatment Today
psoriasis supplement cover 2018
July 2018 Special Issue: Psoriasis Treatment Today
Shedding Light on New Technologies
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Evaluating the Risks and Benefits of Treatment Modalities for Hyperpigmentation
Atopic Dermatitis: Emerging Therapies
Supplement Proceedings from the 24th Anniversary:
Topical Corticosteroids
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