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Jonathan Cotliar, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Science 37, shares insights on the state of virtual trials and telemedicine in a post COVID-19 setting.
Population Health Learning Network, our sister brand, interviewed Nana Duffy, MD, a board-certified dermatologist with Rochester Regional Health, about the importance of ensuring patients understand how to use telehealth properly and to its full capacity
Erythema can present differently in darker Fitzpatrick skin types. Donald A. Glass II, MD, PhD, FAAD, emphasizes the need to identify the purplish hue in these patients to ensure life-changing diagnoses can be made sooner. Dr Glass is an assistant professor in the department of dermatology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX
As the outermost organ, the skin can highlight changes in the body due to internal disease. Lynn McKinley-Grant, MD, MA, FAAD, highlights several conditions dermatologists should look for in their next patient exam. She is the president of the Skin of Color Society as well as associate professor and director of curriculum innovation and development in the department of dermatology at Howard University College of Medicine in Washington, DC.
Hispanic patients tend to develop melanoma at a younger age with more regional involvement.
At the 2020 Winter Clinical Dermatology Conference, Dr Merola and Dr Gottlieb spoke about their innovative sleeve for diagnosis psoriatic arthritis in the dermatology clinic.
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