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Expert Insights in AD:

Expert Insights in AD:
Confronting Issues and Challenges Beneath the Surface
A multimedia content series developed in partnership with the National Eczema Association

Skin Biology

The skin serves a number of purposes, including acting as a physical, antimicrobial, and permeable barrier, but in atopic skin, these functions can break down and contribute to the inflammatory itch of eczema. Peter Lio, MD, FAAD, details what we know about barrier dysfunction in atopic dermatitis and explains how to begin repairing the barrier as part of the therapeutic care plan for eczema.
The microbiome varies from person to person and even anatomical locations on the same body, but a healthy microbiome is important in skin health. Dr Lio discusses how microbiome dysbiosis factors in to atopic dermatitis and explains the evolution of the microbiome.
Patients with atopic dermatitis often ask what food has to do with their skin—but does diet play a role in eczema severity? Dr Lio highlights what is known about the gut-skin axis and what evidence is available regarding food, probiotics, and eczema

Pathophysiology of AD

Dr Brian Kim discusses the itch-scratch cycle, arguably the most impactful and burdensome symptoms of atopic dermatitis for patients.
There is growing evidence that atopic dermatitis involves a number of pathways in the body to contribute to its inflammatory pruritus. Dr Brian Kim highlights some of the current evidence.
Chronic pruritus can influence nearly all aspects of atopic dermatitis, from quality of life to approaches to care. Dr Brian Kim shares how dermatologists can consider and address the complexity and burden of itch.

Assessing Severity

In this video, Dawn M.R. Davis, MD, describes the different factors to consider when assessing the severity of disease in patients with atopic dermatitis.
This 2-minute video features Dawn M.R. Davis, MD, who details various severity scales, including physician-administered and patient-facing tools, for assessing atopic dermatitis.
Dawn M.R. Davis, MD, highlights ways dermatologists and other providers can engage patients with atopic dermatitis in tracking their disease severity.

Diagnostic Challenges

In this video, Dr Vivian Shi discusses a number of criteria needed in the accurate diagnosis of atopic dermatitis, and she offers a few easy tricks for making an appropriate and timely diagnosis.
Vivian Shi, MD, FAAD, offers her insights into the experiences of patients with skin of color (SOC) and what dermatologists need to know about atopic dermatitis and SOC.
Vivian Shi, MD, FAAD, explains what factors dermatologists need to consider beyond the skin's surface, including critical quality of life factors, for determining the diagnosis and severity of atopic dermatitis.
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