What is Causing These Oozing, Crusting Plaques on a Man's Shins?

A  25-year-old man presented with mildly pruritic weeping lesions, one on each shin, for approximately one year in duration. He had treated himself with various over-the-counter medications, including topical bacitracin and polymyxin B, without much success. He had a history of childhood atopic dermatitis. There was no family history of skin problems.

Physical examination revealed 2 erythematous plaques with yellowish oozing and crusting, symmetrically distributed on the anterior tibial region bilaterally. The plaques were large and round. There were no skin lesions in other locations. The rest of the physical examination findings were normal.

What’s Your Diagnosis?
    A. Nummular eczema
    B. Plaque psoriasis
    C. Tinea corporis
    D. Granuloma annulare

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