Allergic Contact Dermatitis Ribbon Raises Awareness


This April advocates around the globe launched the first Contact Dermatitis Awareness Month. The initiative was sparked by the “Eczema, Contact Dermatitis and Patch Testing Alliance” Facebook group which formed in March 2016 to provide resources on living with contact dermatitis and the role of patch testing in the diagnosis.  On the anniversary of the group’s existence, lead administrator of the Facebook group Misha Bertolini, MS, suggested the creation of a contact dermatitis awareness ribbon.

Adding to the list of dermatologic awareness ribbons, the orchid (eczema) and teal (allergy) contact dermatitis awareness ribbon was designed to bring awareness to allergic contact dermatitis, a disease that overlaps both allergy and eczema currently affecting millions of Americans. This symbol can be worn or displayed to show support and solidarity for the millions of Americans who experience this disease.