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Lawrence Green, MD
George Washington University School of Medicine
Washington, DC



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Leaders in the field sharing authoritative insights and institutional best practices
Drs Green and Gelfand discuss the latest news and updates regarding psoriasis and COVID-19, almost 1 year after their first conversation.
Paul Yamauchi, MD, PhD, highlights the importance of cosmetic procedures for psoriasis patients. Dr Paul Yamauchi is a cosmetic medical and surgical dermatologist in private practice at the Dermatology Institute and Skincare Center in Santa Monica, California.
After receiving calls from a few colleagues, Dr Kristi Hawley decided it was time to address a number of the questions being asked regarding psoriasis and COVID-19.
NPF Endorsed Features
Questions regarding biologic continuation vs cessation come up often when patients with psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis need surgery, but the answers still need an in-depth discussion with the surgeon and patient.
Derm Q&A
Historically, patient care has been determined by the physician, leaving patients out of critical decisions that can affect their overall health. Involving patients with psoriasis in their care plan may see improved health and satisfaction outcomes.
In this episode, Larry Green, MD, interviews Seemal Desai, MD, about identifying and treating psoriasis in patients with skin of color, as well as what the field of dermatology can do to improve patient care and access for this patient population.
In this podcast, Ginette Okoye, MD, discusses important treatment considerations dermatologists should keep in mind when treating psoriasis in patients with skin of color.
In this episode, Dr Larry Green interviews Dr George Han about current and future oral small molecules for psoriasis.
NPF Endorsed Features
Psoriasis has a known association with inflammatory bowel disease, including Crohn disease and ulcerative colitis. Dermatologists should keep the association in mind when treating their patients with psoriasis.
In this podcast, Erin Boh, MD, PhD, reviews the latest updates in the safety of psoriasis therapies, including tumor necrosis factor inhibitors.
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