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Section Editor

Lawrence Green, MD
George Washington University School of Medicine
Washington, DC



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Leaders in the field sharing authoritative insights and institutional best practices
NPF Endorsed Features
Kristian Reich, MD, PhD, discussed a therapeutic breakthrough with bimekizumab, a novel biologic in development that inhibits IL-17F in addition to IL-17A.
Kristi Hawley, DO, reviews the link between diabetes, obesity, and psoriasis, as well as treatment considerations for this patient population.
April Armstrong, MD, and Lawrence Green, MD, discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health among patients with psoriasis, as well as clinicians.
In this podcast, Lawrence Green, MD, interviews April Armstrong, MD, on her latest study, which showed associations between patient satisfaction with their physicians and mental health among patients with psoriasis.
The Dermatologist spoke with investigators behind two prominent international registries dedicated to better understanding how concomitant psoriasis and COVID-19 can affect patient care and outcomes now and in the future.
Lawrence Green, MD, section editor of The Dermatologist’s Psoriasis Center of Excellence and clinical professor at George Washington School of Medicine, shares his pearls on implementing the National Psoriasis Foundation’s treat-to-target approach.
NPF Endorsed Features
A 19-year-old white woman with a 4-year history of a rash localized to her left arm and hand. The lesion started as a small plaque on her forearm and gradually spread in a linear fashion from her fingertip to her upper arm.
There are many questions regarding the best way to manage patients with psoriasis during the coronavirus pandemic, particularly patients on systemic therapies. Dr Lawrence Green discusses how to address patients’ concerns, maintaining a safe work environment if you choose to keep your practice open, and current recommendations for patients on biologics, including anti‑TNF inhibitors.
Online Exclusive
The link between cardiovascular disease and psoriasis is no longer novel, but the role of psoriasis therapies in improving both diseases is still under investigation. Dr Hawley discusses the importance of treating more than just the skin among patients with psoriasis.
Adolescence, an already-difficult time in one's life, can be further complicated by psoriasis. Dr Lawrence Green, with George Washington University School of Medicine, discusses his treatment strategies for managing psoriasis in teenagers.
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