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What Are These Annular Plaques?

What Are These Annular Plaques?


A 37-year-old African-American man developed a pruritic skin eruption, which was present for 18 months. He admitted to scratching the lesions, which started on the bilateral lower extremities as small blisters. These blisters healed, forming scars. During this time, he noticed similar lesions on the penile shaft, but denied any scrotal involvement. Review of systems was negative and he did not take any medications. On physical examination, the bilateral anterior shins displayed annular, violaceous papules and plaques with raised hyperpigmented borders (Figure 1). The penile shaft had a large annular plaque with raised white borders (Figure 2). Bloodwork and a shave biopsy of a plaque on the shin were performed.

What Is Your Diagnosis?

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