Keratolytic Agent for Management of Scaling and Itch for Skin Diseases


Sonoma Pharmaceuticals, Inc recently launched Loyon in the United States. 

product spotlight - loyonScaling, burning, and itching are common symptoms associated various types of dermatoses including psoriasis, cradle cap, seborrhea, and seborrheic dermatitis. The gentle removal of irritating scales and encrustations is important in treating scaly skin diseases to prevent irritations, pinpoint bleeding, and infections.

Sonoma Pharmaceuticals, Inc recently launched the nonsterile, topical solution Loyon in the United States. Loyon is indicated to manage and relieve the itching, erythema, and scaling experienced with various types of dermatoses. The product received a new 510(k) clearance from the FDA in March 2017. The product’s combination of the dry emollient Cetiol CC and the medical silicone oil dimethicone is easily applied, absorbs quickly, and spreads well due to its low surface tension. Under the supervision of a health care provider, Loyon, via the accompanying dispensing spray pump, should be applied directly to dry affected areas and gently massaged in. Loyon should stay on the skin for at least 3 hours. Longer exposure times (eg, overnight) are possible as directed by a health care provider. After the adequate exposure time, the solution can be washed off with a mild shampoo or a cleanser. Depending on the preference and severity of the disease, Loyon can be applied as needed, according to the product insert.

A survey of dermatologists and patients with psoriasis indicated high satisfaction with Loyon, with 88% of dermatologists indicating that they were satisfied or very satisfied with the therapy; this impression was further confirmed by 87% of the patients surveyed. Furthermore, 2 clinical studies demonstrated the efficacy and safety of Loyon in pediatric and adult populations.

The Dermatologist Product Spotlight provides a summary of the proof-of-concept pilot study in infants and children with cradle cap and a single-center study in adults with psoriasis.

Proof-of-Concept Pilot Study

Hengge UR. Topical non-medicated LOYON® in facilitating the removal of scaling in infants and children with cradle cap: a proof-of-concept pilot study. Dermatol Ther (Heidelb). 2014;4(2):221-232.1

Study Objective

To evaluate the safety and efficacy of topically applied, nonmedicated Loyon in facilitating the removal of scaling in infants and children with cradle cap without inducing spot bleedings.1


This single-center, proof-of-concept, 8-day pilot study included 1 to 3 applications of Loyon. Clinical assessment of scaling and redness was performed using 5-point scales from 0 to 3. Treatment success was defined as the reduction of the scaling baseline score by at least 2 points. Time to treatment success was determined as the difference of the visit of the first occurrence of treatment success minus one (baseline visit day). A questionnaire on the subjective efficacy and usability was distributed to parents/legal guardians.1

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