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Featured Conference: Music City SCALE

Featured Conference: Music City SCALE

Dr Gold in a live demo presentationThis year will mark the 15th anniversary of the Music City SCALE Meeting. The meeting is currently planned for July 22-25, 2020, in Nashville, TN. Dr Brian Biesman and I started the SCALE meeting as a means to educate the aesthetic and dermatological communities in and around the Nashville area. We wanted our peers to be informed and educated in the latest trends and to practice the core value of patient safety. The first endeavor had about 50 participants and maybe five to 10 vendors—we were thrilled!

Fast forward 15 years and SCALE has become one of the country’s most recognized cosmetic/aesthetic meetings that also includes a breadth of medical dermatology sessions. We have reached immense heights with a once-small educational event; we now have more than 125 vendors with an attendance that typically surpasses 1000 participants. We continually update our faculty list to feature the best of the best in the fields of aesthetic medicine, surgery, and dermatology.

Our faculty is one of the reasons that SCALE has grown in stature over the years. When sessions discuss various topics and highlight clinical studies, the presenters at SCALE are the people who actually performed and authored those studies. They’re key opinion leaders and influencers in their field. We bring the finest educators and are thrilled that the faculty today is an international group that continues to grow year in and year out.

Another reason SCALE has continued to grow is because of the appeal and culture of Nashville. When I arrived here more than 30 years ago, Nashville was a small southern town. Through vision and drive, the city has become one of the “it” cities in the United States. Nashville continues to see innovation and growth all around it. If you like music of all types, well then this city is for you. Besides music from every genre, we have world-class museums, botanical gardens, and great food. Nashville has transformed into this amazing metropolis with only great times further ahead!

Highlights for SCALE 2020 include our incredible cadaver workshop run by Dr Biesman. He has put together an amazing faculty of experts who will show you special techniques and share tips that can make you a better injector and may transform your soft tissue augmentation and neuromodulator procedures and outcomes. This course is a must and great to take as a refresher over and over again. We also have the incredible fortune of renowned energy-based device expert Dr Patrick Clark, of Dallas, TX, joining us for the 15th year as a presenter. There is no one we know who can take the concept of an energy-based device and break it down in terms that are easy to understand as well as explain how to maximize the use of these devices in the aesthetic or dermatology practice.

SCALE has something for everyone—aesthetic and cosmetic education, medical dermatology, skin care and how to implement a skin care regimen for your patients, practice management taught by leaders in that field, industry workshops to delve even further into certain topics, and live injection and laser sessions—all to teach you how to be better at what we do.

So please go to our website,, to view the full conference agenda.

Dr Gold is medical director of Gold Skin Care Center and Tennessee Clinical Research Center in Nashville, TN.

Disclosure: Dr Gold is a codirector of Music City SCALE Meeting.

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