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What Is This Skin Lesion?

What Is This Skin Lesion?

Fig 1

Case Report
A 66-year-old African American man was referred for the initial evaluation of a solitary, scrotal mass (Figure 1) that was present for 1 year. The 1.5 x 1-cm, pink, exophytic nodule was pedunculated and progressively enlarging. He described the mass as painless without pruritus, discharge, bleeding, or surrounding skin and testicular involvement. He had no other skin complaints and he denied personal or family history of skin cancer. Constitutional symptoms such as weight loss, fever, or fatigue were not present. The patient had a history of Parkinson disease and was wheelchair bound. His wife, who cares for him, expressed that apart from the scrotal lesion, he was functioning at his baseline.

What Is The Diagnosis?

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