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The Dermatologist’s Board Review - September 2019

The Dermatologist’s Board Review - September 2019

The contents of these questions are taken from the Galderma Pre-Board Webinar. The Pre-Board Webinar is now an online course. For details, go to

ridges on nails

1. This gentleman is a 75-year-old dentist and in apparent good health. During a routine physical examination, he asks his internist why his nails have so many longitudinal ridges. The most likely explanation is:

a) An occult malignancy
b) A normal finding at this age
c) Lichen planus
d) Radiation dermatitis
e) Actinic damage






Candida albicans

2. A culture from this nail grew out Candida albicans. The drug most likely to clear this nail is:

a) Terbinafine
b) Amphotericin B
c) Intralesional corticosteroids
d) Itraconazole
e) Synthroid

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