The Dermatologist’s Board Review - October 2018

The contents of these questions are taken from the Galderma Pre-Board Webinar. The Pre-Board Webinar is now an online course.
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BR 1

1. Which of the following is true about this condition?

a) A Wood light exam does not have prognostic value regarding treatment
b) Compared to adjacent normal skin, epidermal melanin contrasts more than dermal melanin under Wood light
c) Wood light exam is equally helpful in all Fitzpatrick skin types (best in lighter skin)
d) Sun avoidance is important only in epidermal type melasma
e) Hydroquinone is equally effective in all types of melasma




BR 2

2. This patient presents with a painful nail which is shaped abnormally. Which diagnostic test may be helpful in this condition?

a) Nail biopsy
b) Bacterial culture and sensitivity
c) Serum IgA levels
d) X-ray
e) Fungal culture

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