The Dermatologist’s Board Review - November 2018

The contents of these questions are taken from the Galderma Pre-Board Webinar. The Pre-Board Webinar is now an online course. For details, go to

changes in nail

1. This patient has had a periungual papular eruption for several months in association with a few scattered lesions on the trunk. Recently, he noted a nail change. What therapy may benefit his condition?

a) Prednisone
b) Itraconazole
c) Imiquimod
d) Liquid nitrogen
e) Acitretin







flexural creases

2. This patient has hyperkeratotic palms and soles, and the flexural creases are also involved. Which one of the following is true concerning this condition?

a) Autosomal dominant
b) Hair and nails are unaffected
c) Ectropion is an associated feature
d) Decreased to absent granular layer
e) Develops after the age of two


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