The Dermatologist’s Board Review - December 2018

The contents of these questions are taken from the Galderma Pre-Board Webinar. The Pre-Board Webinar is now an online course. For details, go to


1. The lunulae of these nails are triangular in shape. Which one of the following is also present in this patient?

a) Pleural effusion (yellow nail syndrome)
b) Lymphedema (yellow nail syndrome) 
c) Anhidrosis (anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia) [thick, dystrophic nails]
d) Aplastic anemia (dyskeratosis congenita) [atrophy, partial/total nail loss]
e) Radial head hypoplasia (increased carrying angle)






nail bed lesion

2. This 45-year-old white man states he cut his toenails 2 months ago and developed this nail bed lesion shortly thereafter. The best diagnosis is:

a) Amelanotic melanoma
b) Squamous cell carcinoma
c) Pyogenic granuloma
d) Kaposi sarcoma
e) Glomus tumor

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