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Lauren Mateja, Managing Editor
Continuing education is critical to improving your practice and, ultimately, patient care. Preview the latest offerings in continuing medical education, from virtual meetings to currently scheduled live conferences.
Melissa Weiss, Associate Editor
Amy McMichael, MD, presented on photoprotection at the Skin of Color Update. She discussed hot topics and misunderstandings regarding sunscreen use among patients with skin of color in an interview with The Dermatologist.
Melissa Weiss, Associate Editor
Amy McMichael, MD, discussed some common types of alopecias, including ones known to predominately affect patients with skin of color, and shared important pitfalls to keep in mind when treating patients with hair loss.
Where does patient care end and customer service begin for dermatology? Neal Bhatia, MD, shared his thoughts on this question and elaborated on how he handles patients, bad reviews, social media, and more.
Between learning dermatologic disease states and developing clinical skills, professional development oftentimes gets deprioritized during residency. Arash Izadpanah, MD, FAAD, offered several pieces of advice for young clinicians looking to grow their practice
In her SDDS presentation, Dr Mesinkovska discussed three key areas in noscarring alopecia, but one of the most interesting points was her discussion on areata and atopic dermatitis.
Jashin J. Wu, MD
The San Diego Dermatology Symposium is a 3-day-long symposium that offers 17 CME credits and educates practitioners on the latest developments in dermatology
At the GW Virtual Appraisal of Advances in Acne Conference, Julie Harper, MD, discussed the use of hormonal treatments for acne.
Dr Patel-Cohen shared clinical pearls and discussed the latest advances in the treatment of hidradenitis suppurativa. She presented on this topic at the virtual Interdisciplinary Autoimmune Summit 2020.
Tattoo removal can be challenging, but with a few simple tricks and important techniques, results can be astonishing. Eric F. Bernstein, MD, MSE, shared his tips as a laser treatment expert on the third day of the Cosmetic Bootcamp Virtual Meeting.
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