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Lauren Mateja, Managing Editor
Continuing education is critical to improving your practice and, ultimately, patient care. The Dermatologist compiles a list of the top dermatology conferences month by month to help our readers find an educational and networking opportunity that best suits their schedules.
In his yearly update on the latest in wound healing at the Maui Derm conference, Robert S. Kirsner, MD, PhD, offered several useful pearls for dermatologists to bring into their practice immediately.
In a 2-hour digital workshop at Maui Derm Connect, four psoriasis experts highlighted treatment strategies in various challenging cases of the papulosquamous disease.
A survey of patients with psoriatic disease found many respondents reported that their current disease, clinically considered to have limited skin involvement, was moderate to severe in severity. The results of the survey were published as a poster presented at Maui Derm Connect.
Molluscum contagiosum causes a significant impact on the quality of life of caregivers and on the activities of their children with MC, according to a poster presented at Maui Derm Connect 2021.
According to a survey of derms by Strober et al, the clinical manifestations of skin symptoms are the driving factor in the selection of treatment options for GPP. The results and analysis of the survey were presented at Maui Derm Connect 2021.
According to a poster abstract by Wu et al presented at Maui Derm Connect 2021, dose escalation was significantly lower with one IL-23 inhibitor vs all other available biologics for the treatment of moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.
Think about it: have your patients asked about the dangers of blue light? How about skin damage from cell phones or computer screens? Curtis Cole, PhD, answered these questions and more in his presentation at Maui Derm Connect.
As part of the “Pediatric Dermatology 2021” session, Dr Lawrence Eichnfield discussed a number of pearls regarding pediatric psoriasis.
In an interview with The Dermatologist, Dr Roger Ceilley covered some exciting advances for AK treatment as well as discussed how dermatologists can develop a management plan.
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