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Melissa Weiss, Associate Editor
A recent cross-sectional study highlighted the reasons dermatologists were sanctioned by the Office of the Inspector General in the United States. In an interview with The Dermatologist, study authors Savannah Alvarado and Hao Feng, MD, discuss their findings and implications for clinical practice.
Melissa Weiss, Associate Editor
Tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) is a rare, multiorgan, genetic disease with many cutaneous findings. In an interview with The Dermatologist, Elizabeth Thiele, MD, PhD, director of the TSC Center at Harvard Medical School, discusses common cutaneous symptoms of this disease.
Melissa Weiss, Associate Editor,, Richard Fried, MD, PhD
While the United States is entering a new period of the COVID-19 pandemic, with some states reopening or relaxing lockdowns, there are still a lot of uncertainties and anxieties. In an interview for The Dermatologist, Richard Fried, MD, board-certified dermatologist and clinical psychologist, spoke with me about how dermatologists can care for their mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.
April W. Armstrong, MD, MPH
It is important that we are nimble to use different models of teledermatology delivery, including live interactive and store-and-forward methods, and that we recognize that different patient populations may be receptive to different types of delivery.
The Dermatologist spoke with Bobby Buka, MD, about the AAD recommendations, how his practice is integrating telemedicine, and what dermatologists can do to help their colleagues on the front lines of this pandemic.
Melissa Weiss, Associate Editor
Jules Lipoff, MD, spoke with The Dermatologist about treating patients with blistering autoimmune disease during the COVID-19 pandemic, including treatment considerations and common questions patients are asking.
Kristi Hawley, DO, FAAD
The link between cardiovascular disease and psoriasis is no longer novel, but the role of psoriasis therapies in improving both diseases is still under investigation. Dr Hawley discusses the importance of treating more than just the skin among patients with psoriasis.
Melissa Weiss, Associate Editor
Although not common in dermatology, needle phobia and vasovagal reactions can be barriers to receiving a necessary treatment or procedure for some patients. In this article, several dermatologists offer pearls for helping patients with phobias and managing vasovagal reactions.
Melissa Weiss, Associate Editor
In a systematic review, Richard Brindle, MD, and colleagues investigated whether certain antibiotics, routes of administration, and/or treatment duration affected treatment outcomes among patients with cellulitis. He discussed these findings in an interview with The Dermatologist.
Melissa Weiss, Associate Editor
The Dermatologist spoke with David G. Strauss, MD, PhD, with the Division of Applied Regulatory Science at the FDA, about the implications of a recent study that found 4 active ingredients exceeded the maximal thresholds for systemic absorption.
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